Sunday, August 24, 2014

summer break coming to an end

We have spent the entire summer at home. No camping, no road trips, just home. An intentional choice given our recent move and that the past four summers we have lived out of a suitcase. In many ways it has been really nice to be home: no meal planning for trips, no jet lag, always a comfortable bed, more local excursions.  In other ways not so nice: its more challenging keeping the kids busy at home day in and day out. We all like a bit of adventure and novelty; it's in our blood.  This past weekend we had a bit of novelty; the kids fished for sand-dabs for the first time and we ate them for dinner.  The next day we went to the fair for the first time in many years. The local library was giving out free tickets to kids who read at least 10 hours this summer. Probably an easy target to hit but a suitable reward and allows you to get a few more tickets for the rides.

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