Thursday, December 26, 2013

christmas walk 2013

It snowed all Christmas day. Later in the day we made it out for a walk with the kids through the empty lot next door. E broke a trail with snowshoes though the girls were doing a pretty good job themselves despite the snow being up to their waists in spots. They'd take a few steps then crash into the snow to rest. At the playground we saw the snowman snowball board which I assume the kids have to use now instead of throwing snowballs at one another. E was telling us tales of how when he was a kid the snowplow snow was piled so high in the playground at school that they'd play king of the mountain on it. They also had snow ball fights in designated areas and once he hit one of the sisters supervising recess with a snowball. He thought he was in for it but she showed a little mercy on the kid and said she was inside the boundary so it was a fair hit.

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