Saturday, December 21, 2013

A little Christmas from our home. I found some chalk markers that I was told work well on windows and went a little chalk-marker happy at our house. C is looking up the latest football or hockey score on the ipad and to the left you can see we are in the middle of refurbishing our fireplace. It's been unusable since we've lived there and it needs a serious facelift to blend in with the rest of the house. At the moment it has a pizza box blocking the hearth to keep the kids away from the layers of soot inside. its funny how you get used to pizza boxes as part of the decor when they are put to use in such a way. Anyway, one of my 2012 knitting projects was to complete this set of Christmas stockings with the hopes of hanging them over a fireplace - someday but not this year.

Then there is W in a hand-me-down sweater from a friend in tropics who used it once on a winter trip. Its cotton so it won't keep him warm in the snow, but at least he looks adorable.

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