Wednesday, October 23, 2013

fog and a tree

We have had an unprecedented stretch of fog. At least 10 days. The last two days the fog has hung around all day. We are awash in it. As I write the lighthouse and ships are blowing their fog horns and will continue to through the weekend. Yesterday, W and I went to the overlook to see what we could see. Normally, we can see all the way to the Olympic mountains. All we could see was a mile to the ferry and even then we were lucky to see it. The kids are tired of my remarking about the fog, the weather the fall color. But I cannot get over it. The fog is so thick in the mornings the street lights look like green, yellow or red eyes peering out of the darkness. As for the tree. Just old beautiful big leaf maples which haven't quite turned as many of the other species of maples in the neighborhood have.

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