Wednesday, August 7, 2013

golden lawns

During the summer months in the Northwest, most homeowners allow their lawns to go dormant. In this dormant state, the grass everywhere turns a "beautiful shade of gold" (in the words of a Paki taxi-driver who dropped us off at our house one day). Well to some people - midwest transplants in particular - the golden grass is an offense. To them, lawns are meant to be lush, green and highly manicured (and fertilized); as close as you can get to a golf course green. Our lawn is no different from the rest in our neighborhood; a beautiful shade of gold. This dead grass has a very slippery quality to it and the kids have found that it's quite good for running their makeshift skateboards down. A good run takes them all the way to the bottom of the 15 ft  gentle slope in the front yard. Whatever it takes. 

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