Wednesday, June 19, 2013

a more appropriate goodbye

Our last week in St. Thomas was spent with M who was visiting from New York. I had shipped most of the boxes off island, before he arrived so that we could enjoy his stay and our last days in paradise. During his stay we ventured to St. John's Leinster beach and another beach near Coral Bay. We attended the school's beach party and then spent two other afternoon's with friends at the beach. We sent M out on a boat one day - to the Baths, knowing we couldn't spend an entire day with W in the sun. E and I got a last boat ride on an evening cruise while the kids stayed home. All the while the last of the packing was in progress, goodbyes said, lots of TV time to keep restless kids from mobbing each other. Our last two nights we spent at a local hotel allowing us to pack completely, clean up completely and eat something other than noodles with butter. It sounds pretty good doesn't it? It was, really was but there were moments when it wasn't - particularly in the last two days when the reality of all the last minute to-do's were in front of us. Trips to the post office, cars cleaned, the last of the household items donated and delivered, kids needing food, sleep, attention. But that is all behind us, my camera tells of all the fun moments in the last week which I am so thankful for - including the parrots who'd visit our tree every day and had proven to be hard to photograph.

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