Sunday, June 30, 2013

house of flavors

We've been rewarding bribing the kids to do their "daily work" with a weekend visit to an ice cream shop. Two weeks and running its working fine though for a full honest assessment I'll have to report on this mid-august. It purpose is threefold: first, to keep us from stopping to get "treats" every day at all the tempting shops around, second to make the once a week *treat* meaningful: an event to look forward to, and third, to keep the kids motivated to do their daily work. The "daily work" is geared towards the oldest but number two and three are falling in line with their own work. It takes 10 minutes a day - usually math, followed by 20 minutes of education games of their choice on the ipad. As I said, we'll see how it goes. We have a 10 day road trip coming up with its own sort of *daily work* and then settling back in at home which could throw things off, but for the moment its been a good part of a summer routine. 

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  1. Ice cream shops in the summer = happiness around our house as well!