Monday, May 20, 2013


::making his own lunch!?::

Not many pictures being taken these days. A combination of reasons but I think the main reason is that my focus is much further in the future - on our time after St. Thomas, that I am not focusing much on my right now. Schools, home, moving, cars, travel and dealing with daily break-downs that come at the end of the school year and probably amplified by our departure. But the usual goes on too, despite it all. The weather has warmed up so we are in the pool more often. We still visit with friends, play, grocery shop and sometimes say: this will be the last time we....

So I downloaded my pictures and here were a few (more recent) of my photos. W is the star it seems, so busy these days and so happy when everyone is around. And then a little surprise this morning when C said he'd make his lunch. 

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