Monday, April 8, 2013

new meaning

While in Yew York we attended a show by the Paul Taylor Dance Theater. It was performed in the Lincoln Center, comprised of three dances all very different from one another. Of the three I think the second was my favorite, which was titled "So the Crops May Grow" an mix of mythical and biblical tales put to dance about sacrifice, judgement and stoning. (It also could have been the inspiration for the Hunger Games series) Very tense. At least that was my interpretation. In the theater book, the choreographer, Paul Taylor was described as being catholic in his tastes. I am embarrassed to say, that I don't think I had ever heard someone described in that way and was confused by the characterization because there wasn't anything particularly Catholic about his dances - at least I could see. So the good ole dictionary came in handy a second definition of catholic is all embracing. Yes that seem to fit his style. He was all embracing; willing to explore many topics of current and past events. OK. Well I hope it made an impression on the kids (W had a lovely time with his uncle and cousin while we were there). We've had one dance show inspired by the performance and I hope we get a few more. The picture above is the only picture I took at the Lincoln center. C in his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle costume. I think we are on to the next dress-up theme.

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