Tuesday, March 26, 2013

a few days with family

 ::maple sap::

 ::Rocks everywhere in New England::
 ::making brownies with uncle T::
::a tree which does not loose its leaves in fall::

Spring break for us means a journey to places where it is cold, where we can drink tea and coffee all day if we choose to and get to stop in for treats at Dunkin Donuts, just because. In Connecticut, while visiting family, there was not much snow left on the ground from the snow storm earlier in the week, but it was plenty cold outside to shiver our bones. On a walk through a local nature center we saw tapped maple trees with buckets full of sap, awaiting to be gathered by sponsor families and boiled down during the upcoming weekend syruping event. The older cousins were very busy with school and swimming so our kids had to squeeze in playtime before and after events. While they were away we just played at the house; inside and out, and just enjoyed our visit.

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