Tuesday, February 12, 2013

In one of last week's local newspapers I read an article about a local hearing hosted by NOAA regarding the placement of 66 corals worldwide on the endangered species list. Of the 66 worldwide, 5 found in the Caribbean would be on the list and 2 on the threatened list. The list of threats to coral is long - 19 in all with the most widespread being warming ocean temperatures and ocean acidification directly linked to carbon gas emissions. What does a person do with this information? I have known for a long time that my children will mostly likely not see a reef if they wanted to when they are adults. They will be gone from the planet, bleached and washed away to a sandy beach. We all know what we should be doing (consuming less, recycling, staying put) though living as we do on this island, there is absolutely nothing "green" about it - except our solar water heaters.  We fly, we cannot recycle, our food and everything we own is flown or shipped in, the local power facility burns bunker oils, we have all these electronics to keep us connected and 4 wheel drive vehicles. These are the dark sides of modern paradise. Even stateside there are so many ways in which we live that aren't helping. So I ask again what to do? As it turns out B was studying coral reefs in school (a little walking encyclopedia) and she is a confident enough swimmer to be chaparoned out into deeper waters where we looked for a little while at the corals, alive and dead, and all the lovely fish that call it home. C went out too, enthusiastic but a bit apprehensive. We also went to our local aquarium - coral world. Such weak weak attempts to inform but at the moment all I can do and maybe really that is all that they can really handle. 

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