Monday, December 10, 2012


I've seen the bokeh shots of strings of lights or drops of dew that look like hearts or stars or perfect circles and wanted to try. I made a little cardboard filter with a small heart cut out in the center and placed it on my lens. Then I played around and got a few first round shots. I had wanted to do this for my sister's wedding two years ago but I did not understand how to get the bokeh look in the first place (either place the lens out of focus and shot directly at your subject or focus on a subject in the foreground with lights dew shimmery light in the background, and that background light will create a lovely out of focus sparkle.) But since then I have figured it out and came back to this just to have a little fun. Yes I miss you - but it wasn't meant to be dramatic. Its just what I wrote and frankly it sounds better than what was really thinking: "I just put four kids to bed and they are all driving me crazy with their bedtime craziness."

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