Monday, October 1, 2012

signs of fall

On this first day of october I was out in the sunshine - looking for signs of fall...of course I can see it in the angle of the sun, and the way it rises and sets each night, casting beautiful fall sunsets across the sky. But during the day, well not much fall happening. This weekend, M was looking for any shade to play in (normally we are searching for the sun at this time of year) and I found new fronds on one of the (well I don't know the name) tropical palm plant of some sort. Some of the grasses have gone to seed, looking very harvest-like blowing in the winds. After a short look around, I retreated inside from the heat of the mid-day sun, removing my wide-brimmed hat, wiping the sweat from my face, grabbing a tall cold glass of water, feeling a bit defeated. 

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