Thursday, October 11, 2012


::B's Wonderwoman costume::

We had four days off from school over the weekend: to celebrate Columbus day, which I still think is a strange holiday to celebrate (of course its critical to the history of the VI, he explored the Antilles islands on his second voyage in 1493. But what a disaster followed in the years after his arrival. The book 1493: Uncovering the New World Columbus Created is a recently released book - that I haven't read - but I heard the author interviewed on Fresh Air and it's is on my list.  Anyway, for us it means a day off from school. We spend two days at our favorite stay-cation place: the Westin on St. John. We take a car ferry over, enjoy the cool AC, watch a few movies, swim in the gigantic pool, played on the playground. I finished a knitting project, started and finished a few books, had a few meals cooked for us. It was a nice break. Upon our return it was back to normal. We spent our final day off at a friends birthday party. It was held at a pool with a super fast waterside, which the kids could not get enough of.    Now we are back to the regular routine: with dress-up, reading, family breakfasts and afterschool activities.

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