Friday, September 14, 2012


The after school activities started this week; soccer for all three, ballet for two, piano and sailing for one. It makes for a busy morning and after school routine. I keep hoping there is some way around the chaos, but I am beginning to understand that this is just the way it is going to be. One day one kid might be on with everything they have to do and the others will not be. The next day that same kid will be off and maybe the others on. Some days they are all on, or off. On off, on off.  Help is needed with shoes, socks, barrettes, cleats, or maybe finding a clean (enough) uniform.  In the mix is W. Eating (or yelling for) his breakfast, crawling around, being picked up, moved or chased. Today he was practicing going up and down the step while the others scrambled to get their shoes on. 

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