Friday, August 17, 2012


Some stats:
4 nights camping
6 nights hotel,motel, covered wagon or renovated train station
3 fast food restaurants
1 boat ride
2 loaves of banana bread
2 boxes of Annies Cheddar bunnies
50 hours of audiobooks: Little House on the Prairie; How to Train your Dragon; Phantom Tollbooth; Misty of Chincotigue; The Night Fairy; Magic Treehouse Books
1 movie
1 hike
1 horseback ride
12 runs down a waterslide
12 cans of diet coke
7 cups of coffee
1 missed airplane trip
4 pairs of new cowboy boots
100 buffalo
500 railway cars full of coal
1 rendezvous in the middle of South Dakota with Nana and Grampy!
4 mountain ranges
too many corn fields to count
too many potty stops to count
3 packs of gum
1 40th birthday
180 feet underground


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