Monday, August 27, 2012

august birthdays

M had her birthday in Michigan this year. This girl moves around! First birthday in seattle, Second in USVI, Third in Seattle and 4th in Michigan. On her day we awoke to some presents and oatmeal for breakfast. We took she and the cousins to the Go carts and Arcade. M spent most of her arcade tokens on a machine that would dispense one Tootsie Roll at a time. Each time she would either decide to eat it or share it. You can guess how many were shared. Later in the evening we had tacos for dinner and the famous Texas sheet cake for dessert. I celebrated my 40th while on our road trip. For the most part an uneventful day, much as I like it. However we took the only wrong turn of our entire trip that day (my fault), which added an hour (or maybe two) to our drive (ouch!) and so we were very late arriving at our friends house for dinner. We celebrated with spaghetti and smores, and then a late night with E & A and a bottle of wine and finger-nail painting. The next day we took a hike to the beach in the park I wanted to be at for my birthday - it was a beautiful way to spend the day after such a long day in the car, just the day before. Ahh, over the hill. 

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  1. You are young at heart! Beautiful as ever! And an awesome sis, who happens to have the cutest kids ever! Miss you all already!