Wednesday, May 23, 2012

lists :: cleaning

The time has come once again to pack up for the summer, deep clean and batten down the hatches. My list above is a short list, in no particular order of the items we need to do before we go. Things like: put books in bags and vacuum pack sheets and pillows. But before many of these items are done (and I just remembered another to add to the list) I have to cull our belongings for items that we no longer need. While on the surface this seems like a tedious task, I do find some satisfaction, if not enjoyment in doing this. I am forced to ask about so many things we own: Purpose? Is it used? Who might be able to use it? Many things also make it into the trash (remember there is no recycling here). Much of the trash items are paper - kid produced. I don't have much of a problem tossing many of these creations. It seems that for the kids the beauty and fun are in the process of making, not in keeping or displaying. There are a few items I keep, or photograph but most get carried out the door. C has a drawer in his room to corral all his creations. As part of my sorting process I opened it and looked inside. Most of what was in there were cards with little creatures he's drawn and named. A few origami, some handmade books. One that stands out is his werewolf identification guide: the Clock werewolf with good hearing, the Death Hug werewolf with goggles, cloak and long toenails and then the Disco werewolf who likes hula-hooping.

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