Sunday, May 6, 2012

first communion


It's been a busy few weeks for us at church. Last week, a baptism, this week a first communion. It was the culmination of a year in the church that has been different for us than years past. This church community is much more traditional than the church I grew up with, more like E's experience I gather. Without going into detail about the differences, the take-aways have been enlightening and challenging and overall a good experience. Today's mass was very lovely and C took a front and center roll. He led the procession in, read the second reading (1 John 3:18-24), answered the monsignor's question and was the first to have communion. During the reading, he needed a stool and of course the microphone and when everyone saw that his head barely cleared the ambo a universal giggle was let out but then his big voice rung out with clarity. We were so proud of his bravery and he claims to have not been nervous. A few times in the past, we've had some Calvin moments during mass (ie. Calvin and Hobbes) so we were expecting there might be one or two today, but no, he stepped up to the plate. What a big boy.

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  1. Lookin Good, C! My you have grown. Wish I could have seen it! See you all very soon!