Thursday, April 19, 2012


I have been using the Instagram app a ton on my iphone. The phone itself takes amazing pictures but Instagram allows me to add filters giving the photos a polaroid feel to them. But the real power of Instagram (if it can be called that) is to share photos instantly with anyone who has friended you, or to see pictures instantly of people you have friended. Sounds like Facebook which is I suppose why Facebook is looking to buy Instagram for oodles of money. I guess my info and pictures will now belong to Facebook. So much for avoidance, and why should I care as I have a blog on a Google platform who I am certain is mining our blogs for whatever info they can get.  Anyway, this totally fun shot was taken at Coral World (the small St. Thomas aquarium) with my phone, placed on Instagram, along with more awesome shots. Trunk fish, hovering in their tank.

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