Sunday, April 29, 2012


mr. T and carnival princess

big girl majorettes

our girls putting on their own majorette show

Friends getting ready for the majorette show

This is just the surface of the sights seen by C and E yesterday. The school put out a call to students who might want to participate in the parade. I had also heard about it but didn't mention it to the kids because I didn't want to go downtown to the parade (I was envisioning a very long hot day). But C came home full of excitement telling me he was going to be in the parade and he had spent his recess in the gym with the other kids learning the dance. And so it goes. C had a blast and I wish I could have gone but true to form, the kids were asked to be there at 8, the parade started over two hours late (11!) and the walk was long and hot. W would never have tolerated it.

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