Thursday, February 9, 2012

two sweaters

Two sweater projects completed at the end of 2011. The first was B's "Swing Thing" in Cascade 220 Super wash. Knit in the largest size (4T) it took just a month (size 10 needles help) it won't fit her next year but she loved it while she had it (Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks) She had been with me when I was shopping for the yarn and she chose the color from the few skeins I had selected would be appropriate for the task. The second sweater was knit over the course of 4 months, but I left it behind in Seattle last summer because I didn't have room to pack it. I was quite confident I could finish The LAST THREE ROWS, blocking and buttons over Christmas. Did it. It is the Redhook pattern from Brooklyn Tweed in Shelter Atlantic. Love knitting with that stuff and love the pattern. Its soft, springy, colorful and super warm. The sweater has cap sleeves and falls to the top of the thigh. I'd love to make another....but I have a few projects to finish before I start. One project that I started in November and finished in December, Brooklyn Tweed's Kerchief pattern in Shelter Smoke. I didn't get a photo of that one, but need one for the record. The kerchief looks great when bundled up or just in a oxford or turtleneck shirt. Brooklyn Tweed has a fantastic "Look Book" collection which can be downloaded onto your computer. Its fun to look at even if your aren't a knitter.

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