Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Once upon a time...

  by blakeislandblog
, a photo by blakeislandblog on Flickr.

This boat was the home of 4 children on the cold waters of the Pacific Northwest....the bunks were on the top deck, the galley and living quarters were on the main deck. Outside on deck there were hammocks, swings, crab pots and fishing lines and a little launch to get ashore when a brisk walk on land was needed...

I wonder if it's for sale? The Leylon Sneed is a replica of a 1939 Chesapeake Bay Oyster Buy Boat. It was the boat the oystermen would bring their catch to and from which the oysters would be sold....down here it's has been used as a launch for cruise ships and seems to be a nusiance in the eyes of the locals since it's grounding on a local reef a few years ago.

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