Friday, January 13, 2012

the things they play with

These photos were taken while we were in the Northwest. They are pictures of the latest iteration of play with a very simple household decoration; a plastic, battery operated tea-candle. We have a very special name for them in our house, named after our second child Miss B because she was the first to play with them. Over the past two years these lights have been used in every play set up imaginable. This past christmas they were used as fireplaces for dolls, bonfires for the fairy dance the girls and cousins put on for us. They are placed on nightstands to burn through the night, they are found inside of shoeboxes, closets, on bedposts, under pillows, under blanket forts, in tea cups, on plates, in coat pockets, candleholders, nativity scenes....and boots. M has picked up on the play. Seriously, if you want to keep a 3-6 year old girl busy just give her some battery tea-lights and the play will never end.

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