Saturday, October 1, 2011

He's here

Wyatt Matthew...It's been a few days since we arrived home and we are happy to be here. Both physically in our home and on the otherside of pregnancy and birth. Our scare on his delivery night, seemed par for the course of surprise baby, big baby, delivering far away from home, on a tropical island. He had difficulty breathing after his birth and it seemed to take him forever (15 minutes to be exact) to get any breath in on his own. In the meantime his face was entirely blue and he was limp on the table and I didn't know what to think. With some time the fear of those moments has subsided and with some perspective I have realized the way the staff was reacting in the moment was possibly the result of not many 9.5 lb babies being delivered by the hospital midwives without intervention. Also the blue on his face was the bruising of being so big, not from a lack of oxygen (and possibly from the nurse being up on the table and pushing down on my uterus). Any way we look at this St. Thomas experience all I can say is that I am thankful that he is healthy and we are all so thrilled he's here.

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  1. Oh these pictures warm my heart! What a gorgeous boy Wyatt is and what a loved boy. But how you do it, my friend, remains a mystery to me. Sending you cool thoughts of the blissful nights of sleep you will have in no time at all. XOXOX, love, P

  2. thanks pen! looking forwards to those nights! so far so good though. sleeping OK and hope it continues. mid-watches....

  3. he he he, so cute what an ordeal!