Friday, September 2, 2011

morning at beach

M was insistent that she bring the boogie board to the beach. I did not want her to because that would mean I would have to carry it and probably a few other things back up the steep 90 steps to our condo. She threw a fit, sat down, B and I walked down the steps a little ways to sit in the shade and wait for M to cool off. Well, she took matters in her own hands and walked back to the condo, grabbed the board and headed to the beach just like this. Can't argue with that. Yes I did have to carry two boogie boards - and almost one little girl back up the stairs at the end of our morning.
Once at the beach, not a wave in sight. We would have stayed all morning but I didn't bring sunblock for the girls or a suit for myself.
I relaxed in the shade, which was pretty cool for a tropical 9 in the morning

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