Wednesday, June 22, 2011

the past week

So we changed our plans and delayed our return to the NW by a couple of weeks. Gpa and Gma needed a little more help and for now we are flexible enough to stay a little longer than we had expected. It has been busy, but not much busier than it normally might be. Cooking is the same (but so much more enjoyable with the fresh food available so I don't have much to complain about and Gma insists on cleaning up after our meals.) Keeping the kids busy is the same, but we can be outside (if we want) without the oppressive heat and lathering up all the time. C and I have instituted the P.O.D. (plan of day - US Navy style) and mapped out our days to establish a routine of some sort so that the kids know what to expect. We have explored a little more than usual, visited the children's museum a few times, the library a few times, gone to the movies, went to a "G Love and the Special Sauce" concert. E is busier than the rest of us with his work being thrown into the mix. We are pretty beat at the end of the day and the kids are asking when are we going to Seattle, but our response for now to ask them the question: what is the most important thing right now.....helping Gma & Gpa.
*dune play*
*coast guard station walks*
*still too cold to swim in the lake*
*concert fun*
*concert facination*
*concert naps*

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