Friday, May 20, 2011

envelopes and art bag

Our last days of school are next week and teacher gifts are in order. With some inspiration from Maya and directions from Skip to my Lou, I ordered some zippers and re-discovered the zipper foot on my machine. Inside will go the gift certificates to our local bookstore and a thank you card.

Then, this project finally came together. I've dubbed it the art bag. C had some cute linen shorts he ripped beyond patching earlier in the year and liking the linen fabric so much I cut out the pockets and saved the rest as scrap. I figured the pockets were useful for something - I was imagining a small pouch or backpack with a pocket. Then E was at a conference last week and they gave him this nice zippered canvas bag with an advertising logo on the front. So I took the old short pockets, sewed them together and sewed them on the bag over the ugly logo. Now, its the art bag for our travels, the *idea* being that everything will be in one spot, easy to clean up, lightweight and portable in the car. Fits all sorts of notebooks, pencils, markers, stamps...cell phone and wallet if needed.


  1. I love your pouches and your art bag! Great idea for covering up logos and reusing a pocket. I will remember this cleverness for some of my own totes. Your baby belly looks especially sunny next to the bag! Go Sarah!