Monday, May 9, 2011

Carnival finale

Carnival came to an end on Sunday but the fireworks show was Saturday night. We enjoyed the show from a friends condo that overlooks the harbor. The kids watched Kung Fu-panda while the adults ate fajitas, and when the firework show was on, we all sat on the balcony eating ice cream cones. We attended the Children's parade on Friday morning but it was very slow to get started and the heat was beginning to rise so we only saw a few performances. The rest of that day was spent at the beach, swimming, swimming and swimming some more. Saturday was the adult parade, which we didn't attend but it is much more risque than the kids parade (hence two parades) and the libations are flowing more freely. So for the most part a nice break from school but we couldn't participate as much as we would have liked.

A few photos I took from St. John's Carnival parade last give an idea of the costuming involved...I think the ladies with all the feathers are called "Birds of Paradise" and they dance to really loud calypso music.

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