Monday, April 25, 2011

long weekend

Happy Easter from the dinosaur egg. Open it up and out pops....candy of course!

M's version of the paddle board

Frangipani on a still, warm morning

Dyed eggs, but the colors didn't work as well as we had hoped they would

It was a long four days and I think the kids got their fill of indoor play. Much like a snowbound family in the north in the dead of winter, we are often sunbound when the temperatures begin to rise, preferring to remain inside where it is cooler and comfortable. We did make it out each day to swim, paddleboard, and explore, but who can do that all day in the sun - or the snow? We adults are getting a bit of senioritis; trying not to count the days until we travel home for the summer. Our thoughts have been on dungeness crab, walks in the woods, tidepools, family and friends, when we should be focusing on the days between now and then. A watched pot never boils....

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