Thursday, January 27, 2011

more practice

Now that we are sorta back into the groove after our three-week holiday, I am getting back into some of my projects. I haven't produced much that is useful yet, but I am practicing with different techniques and styles. I have a stash of scrap fabrics and charm stacks that have allowed me to work on some patchwork style out of Practical Patchwork by Elizabeth Hartmann. The most recent was this applique pattern. I used an old sheet as the background, which needed a little whitening up so I put the squares out in the sun for a day and it did the trick.

I did two squares and totally botched the quilting on the first one. I should have used white thread and maybe tried a different quilt style but my machine (an patience with it) is only so good. The applique though came out great. Even on the machine.

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