Friday, November 12, 2010


One sewing craft that I keep coming back to again and again with interest is quilting. It is not quite a hobby for me but I really want it to grow into that and maybe more; into a skill that others can appreciate. I figured I ought to start with something a little more structured than my usual winging-it style of learning. Don't get me wrong winging-it has its virtues and carries over positively into many parts of my life, but it can also be too much. So after some (lots) of surfing online (no books stores here) and checking out quilters blogs I landed with this book: The Practical Guide to Patchwork by Elizabeth Hartman. Perfect for me: quilting basics along with some modern quilting designs which I am hoping will accommodate my impetuous style. I don't plan to tackle a whole queen size quilt quite yet (though I am very tempted to just start). I am going to work on a few of her designs one or two blocks at a time, get comfortable with the construction and then wing-it! This week's project was her Rail Fence design.
Ack, so much to learn! Even though the book gives exact, do this and do that, I still had to adjust for my circumstance. I did not have enough fabrics and most were not the right size. So I did my best and this is the outcome. Its prettier in real life, but I love it. Lessons? Downsizing a design and keeping the same proportions is difficult when you aren't sticking too closely to ratios. Oh this process reminds me a whole lot of parenting; the books and experts tell you exactly (with such authority) what to do; but you always have to adjust for your circumstance. No one has a textbook babe. No one has a text book quilt - yet.

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  1. I love quilts. Betty and I just spent some time in a quilt store near the Market. Some of the designs, especially the fish are so beautiful. I like them mostly as wall hangings, banners and small "pictures" And I love to "wing it" since most of my life has been that way. And of course the boat LIGL is almost total winging it.