Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Our main Halloween celebration was at school. The kids dress up, have a sing along with the other classes in the lower school and then parade around the grounds. That night the school hosted another potluck party, the yacht club and Montessori school held parties on Saturday....The drawback of having Halloween on a Sunday is that the party goes on and on all weekend! So we kept it low-key: apple pie and Charlie Brown on Friday night at home, spent the weekend on St. John and skipped the trick-or-treating on Sunday. I felt awful about skipping it as soon as other kids started knocking at our door. Our kids were wiped out and really didn't but up a fight about staying home. Still though, I felt bad. C and B had nicely decorated the condo with their version of Halloween. Construction paper ghosts, pumpkins and skeletons. Haunted House dioramas, masks, stickers everywhere (not sure how to get them off). I loved the exuberance.

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