Tuesday, October 26, 2010

child vs. wild

I have mentioned before that we have a survivor-man play-theme going on here. The latest is inspired by a video the kids watched on our plane-trip back to the Northwest: Bear Grylls "Man vs. Wild. The episode they watched was one where he is on a deserted island in the South Pacific somewhere. In the part of the show I watched with them, Bear was jigging together a raft from perfectly shaped bamboo poles and a sail made from fish net he had found on the beach. I was skeptical that he would be so lucky to find such well formed rafting material considering we have seen neither bamboo (or any perfectly straight or long branches or logs for that matter) or netting on the beach since we have been here. Ack! We would not be able to escape from our island. Forget airplanes and boats! (I later learned that he has a disclaimer at the beginning which alludes to the fact the props might have been provided) Anyway, the day we returned to USVI we were combing the beaches as we tend to do when we go there and low and behold - Netting! Not big enough to weave palm fronds through for a sail, but big enough for a kid sized hammock, which C rigged together between a rusty nail and a sapling bush. Hope it holds!

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