Friday, September 3, 2010

some hurricane finds

Thankfully, Hurricane Earl left little infrastructure damage to the island. No downed buildings or flooding. However, power was out for a few days in many areas. School was cancelled for a few days. But life went on pretty much as normal for most islanders who had power. The day after the storm we ventured out to see what had happened around our place. A few trees were down, and all the foliage on most of the bushes had been ripped off in the wind making it easier to see many birds like the hummingbird above. At the beach the sand had been washed away exposing the coconut and seagrape roots below. Some soft corals were washed up in the amazing mess of turtle grass, leaves, plastic bags and beach toys. One find we were all so excited about was E's orange visor. Nearly two months ago he was out paddleboarding and fell in, loosing his hat and sunglasses in the deep deep water. Well on Tuesday afternoon C and I were scavanging in the debris and there was his orange hat. A little weathered but totally functional.

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  1. Amazing about the hat. Too bad the glasses didn't wash up as well!

    As always, we enjoy your news and photos. Glad you weathered Earl well.