Monday, September 27, 2010


Laundry, island style. We use a sturdy, but lightweight metal vinyl-coated rack that has enough tines to hold a whole load of laundry. We have a dryer but it makes total sense to set clothes out to dry in this heat. On more humid days we place the rack inside as the clothes seem to dry faster inside than outside where the humidity can interfere with the evaporation of water. I don't dry sheets this way and this method also requires doing only one load of laundry a day (takes most of the day to dry) so if I get behind then the dryer gets used instead. As the days are growing shorter and sun sits lower on the horizon, our south-facing balcony is getting more and more sunshine every day meaning the laundry might dry faster in the new direct sunlight. This also means in the next few months we can start some vegetable pots.

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