Thursday, September 30, 2010

field trip

So I have a few observations about field trips in St. Thomas. First; we get to go to cool destinations. Post office and hospital. I have never been behind the counter at the post office unless you count following along with Mr. Speedy Delivery on Mr. Rogers. We visited the main postal hub for the islands and it was huge and busy with organization. Everyone was thrilled to see the kids and the kids were thrilled to see the postal workers in action. Bins, slots, packages, roller-lines, postal vehicles with loud horns! Later, at the hospital we visited the cafeteria, ambulances (loud horns again!) and occupational therapy center. In both places the kids interacted with the staff and equipment making it more memorable than listening to an EMT or PT talk about their job.

Second observation: carseats are not required if you are transporting kids! No one in my car brought one, no one told me to provide them. No one in the class was using them. I have noticed the loose-interpretation of car seat laws on the island; they aren't always used. Which on the one hand makes sense as the top speed we reach is maybe 40 mph, and most of the time it is around 20mph. But there are plenty of scary intersections around and with the left-side-of-the-road driving, potholes, tourists, no shoulders, open container laws, car seats are a very good idea.

Third observation: directions are not required to the Hospital or Post Office because they are the only one of their type to be found on the island, therefore landmarks in-and-of themselves. That is, unless you are new in town. Never fear, I know where the hospital is (B's broken arm on the first day) and I was lucky enough to have a six-year old in the backseat who could un-cluster me and get me to the Post Office . Her family has a PO Box there. We use a mom-n-pop mail services business closer to our home for mail delivery.

Last observation: Six-year olds are a little crazy. Place four in your back seat and listen to what they talk about. Hamsters, babies, potty-talk, commentary on the music in the CD player (Paul Simon), aliens, who is stronger and faster...

Fun days.

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