Monday, September 6, 2010

another boat ride

Boats and kids are the best combination in the world. In a world that feels increasingly small with all that can keep us inside, a boat is one easy way to get into the big outside, especially here. There is so much to see and do on the water. So far we have only chartered boats but maybe in time we'll get our own. A boat seems fitting for two former navy folks and a water loving family. We saw amazing sights today. Sea caves which we could swim in and out of and where the kids continued to play their survivor games. Giant eagle rays swimming in water shallow enough to follow them on foot. Sea turtles (what species we were unsure), hurricane swept beaches and a barracuda. Pinch me please? We are not converts to the tropical way of life for those family and friends who worry about loosing us to this place (The San Juans are equally as wonderful - who can argue with Sucia Island and an Orca?) Anyway, another reason boats are good - cannonballs. I cannot believe this guy did from the canopy on top.

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