Friday, August 6, 2010

big accomplishment

Nearly 60 days of being at the beach has made a swimmer of C. He is finally taking some big risks. Yesterday we were swimming at Secret Harbour and he decided he wanted to swim out to the raft, 25 yards from the beach - by himself. He has done this with us swimming alongside, but he did it all alone 3 times. Its still a dog paddle, but he is comfortable with floating in the water when he is tired and is trying so hard to coordinate his arms in a crawl stroke. I was amazed he wanted to try given that the water is pretty deep with lots of fish (including larger sting rays) but this fact did not seem to override his need to do cannon balls from the raft.
It is a little difficult managing three kids at different stages of their water play. C, daring but still not entirely safe. B who isn't safe at all but loves to go in up to her neck and M who prefers to stay in the shade up on the beach and watch the igunanas (or take a nap).

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