Friday, May 14, 2010

first bike ride

I took the girls on a bike ride alone today. Threw them in the bike trailer, hooked it up to my bike and took off. For those who do not live here, Seattle is a pretty hilly city. Hills are hard to avoid. This is one of many reasons why I don't bike with the trailer attached. But after two weeks of zero exercise (because of sick kids -right), I had had enough. I rode all along Alki beach. Stopped for a quick play in the sand. Several passerbys said as I rode by - "hey did you see the two kids in that trailer?"
Here are the sick sleepers. The uphill was at the end of the ride. My quads said the hill was about a mile long, but I'll check with the odometer tomorrow. I stopped halfway up to take shots of a park we haven't visited before and it looks like a place we'll have to check out before we leave.

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