Monday, May 10, 2010


Lake Washington Marsh walk was our destination today. We didn't make it too far as it was a bit marshy and one kiddo didn't have boots on. So we explored closer to shore. Above, a Haida totem carved circa 1930. There was not a legend at the site to tell us what each carving meant but we had fun guessing.

Jess, do you remember this spot? You fell in the water here, many many years ago, looking for frogs or fish.
Montlake Bridge. As we were walking along the "cut" as it is known a seaplane motored through the canal, cleared the channel and took off. We were all amazed. I wondered what type of assignment the pilot was on as there weren't passengers in the plane. It also looked so free! One moment its floating around and in another it was airborne. Looked like fun.

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