Thursday, April 22, 2010


They are ready! But I have a problem. Slugs - and lots of them! Tiny, tiny slugs doing serious damage to the radishes. See the one on the bottom photo with the white splotches. Slugs. Still good to eat I guess, but not so pretty to look at or think about. So to see what I can do about this problem I refer to the internet. One big mistake I made which may cause problems all season; I left last years crop in the box to compost, instead of removing it to compost elsewhere. Decaying compost apparently is a slug trap itself. Copper tape affixed around the box is one solution. Beer, coffee grounds, egg shells or ash are some others. One gardener uses radishes as a bait to keep the slugs away from her more prized veggies. Hmm. Poor radishes, sacrificed for the tastier goods. I think that gardener should read Molly Wizenberg's book and recipe using radishes, just as I did. She might have a change of heart. Anyway, I need to get a book on organic gardening and then run a scientific experiment which involves eggs for breakfast and many cups of coffee.

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