Tuesday, April 20, 2010

quick dinner

The nearly 70 degree weather called us to eat outside on Sunday. There are many times my mind goes numb when the question of dinner worms its way into my head. I cannot recall a single meal I have ever made, my eyes glaze over and I put the thought aside until either inspiration (or desperation) hits. This is especially so on weekends or if I haven't loosely planned out meals a week in advance. So this was a desperation night. Zero hour and no ideas....we've already had mac n cheese, left-overs are gone, too late for the grill, veggies are low.... So I opened the fridge again, took out what we had on deck and this is what appeared! Make your own sandwich night. I think it was pretty successful, ready in 15 minutes, no complaints and best part was the light clean-up.

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