Thursday, March 11, 2010

big help

Words cannot describe how I feel when I see my little ones help one another - unprompted. This shoe-tying experience happened so quickly I nearly missed the shot, and honestly I felt a little silly trying to capture it because I didn't want to overemphasize the act. I just wanted it to be what it was. An act of kindess, and act demonstrating an ability to use a learned skill to help another person. "Here mom, I'll tie her shoes" was all he had to say. But I didn't want to loose the moment either. Sometimes this picture-taking and blog-writing help to solidify an idea in my mind so that I can carry it around awhile - or refer back to it in moment where grace has not come easily.
Tie shoes are not the norm in this house for children under 5. This pair has recently come out of storage having been on the feet of the first two and will be on M's feet only until the warm weather holds steady and we can strap on some sandals.

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