Monday, February 1, 2010

out of the blue

I came back from a run yesterday and this is what I was greeted with; a parade of dinosaurs who required airplane suits. Airplane suits? Yeah, something outfit they can wear on the airplane. OK, I'll get right on it? I suggest (in an effort to delay) that he count the number of dinosaurs he needs to make suits for. And this is what ensused. Is this my kid? Writing well formed numbers on a not-really-a-graph but works as one that he found in a coloring book?
Wonders. I could not turn this kid down after he took my casual stalling tactic so seriously.
So we made airplane suits for dinosaurs. I insisted that he cut the fabrics and I would cut the holes for the tiny, tiny arms, legs and fins. No sewing but cutting seemed to satisfy.
Plesiosaur with a michael miller mermaid airplane suit. Should we open an Etsy shop?

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