Thursday, February 4, 2010


B has been taking a circus class with a local circus arts group. Its basically tumbling but with the added fun of all the circus apparatus (trampolines, trapeze bars, rings, ribbons, hula hoops). She loves it. Who wouldn't love to swing on a trapeze bar (suited for pre-schoolers mind you) or jump on a variety of trampolines. Did I mention the tight rope? Looks like fun. Anyway E put Cirque du Soleil on our Netflix and I zoomed it up the queue and it arrived today. It might be a little scary for small ones with all the clown masks but you can skip around and witness the Maori firedancer, flyingman and our favorite so far - hula hoops . Her body is like water. Amazing.

So the rest of the afternoon was spent working on circus routines. The circus lion with her tail between her legs lost her roar part way through the routine dropping her hood on the ground.

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