Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The ocean

A getaway in between Christmas and the new year may be becoming a tradition. E has always been lucky enough to be able to take time off around the holidays and this year is no different. These 1-3 day getaways are usually spontaneous and I suspect they are our way of extending the holiday season - slowing it down? Its a time to relax, unplug (sort of), reflect on the past year and prepare for the new.
This year we went to the WA coast. The coast is a manageable destination with kids. No snow gear required, just the usual raingear, hats and gloves. While still chilly and sometimes wet, the beach provides lots of outdoor adventuring. Thankfully no real rain while we were there.
As you can see the remote control cars came out, so did Andy Goldsworthy inspired art. The weather allowed a campfire in the outdoor fireplace near our cabin. There was also a forest with old-growth stumps left from old-logging days, large enough for climbing inside and on top of.
We stayed in a charming new beach community whose character seems better suited on the new england coastline than on this remote rough and rugged shoreline. But it is shamefully irresistable. Every cabin is new and quaint and so not the hotel/motel feel. The kids had space inside and out, we had a place to cook meals spread out and relax. It was wonderful in the winter and I suspect that much more in the summer.

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