Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The collection grows

Sea urchins - from St. John's trunk beach, melting in with my collection of shells, rocks, urchins, glass, crab claws found on beaches around the world, the states and in our own back yard. My sister-in-law made us a beautiful plate as a wedding gift and I place these treasures there. The urchins I think are my favorite. I traveled to Maui with my sister and parents when I was very small, probably 3 or 4. Of the many memories I have of that trip, the one that I come back to most is of a sea urchin shell my dad found while snorkling off the beach. He brought it up from the beach and placed it on a table near the pool we were swimming in. It looked so delicate, white and perfectly symmetrical. He told me to leave it there while I swam so that it wouldn't break. Soon after, while we were swimming the wind picked up and blew the urchin away. I must have been heartbroken that we couldn't find it because I still am thrilled everytime I find one.
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