Wednesday, October 28, 2009

More weekend pics

This was the only adventure that I had my camera with me this past weekend. But it was such a great place to spend the morning that I thought I would share more photos. The boulders along this hike were irresistable. Every stop along the river had huge smooth rocks to climb. In this place which appeared to be an eddy during higher water, there were 3 and 4 ft. diameter logs wedged into the rocks making a fort like play area for the kids.

At one point in the hike we headed up hill towards the water fall. From this vantage point, looking down into the valley below, full of ferns and tall Douglas Fir, I always feel like a kid and I want to open my arms (read wings) and pretend I can fly.

Two kiddos were under the weather but both were real troopers the entire morning. The power of nature directed their attention from their achy bodies to the world around.
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  1. Won't be forgetting the view anytime soon. I think it has become my new favorite lunch spot.