Thursday, September 17, 2009

Update on the Kindergartener

So how is he doing in week number three of Kindergarten? Well enough I guess. He isn't resisting going into class, which is a good indicator its OK. He has good reports about what he has been doing during the day. He is very tired but wants to play when he gets home. However a cauldron brews beneath the surface....
This is a huge transition on so many levels. Kindergarten of today and the Kindergarten of yester-year aren't even comparable. So I won't go into the "when I was in Kindergarten" commentary because this isn't your mamma's Kindergarten.
Anyway, the flashpoint of the moment is writing. And I don't blame him - excuse me this is week three!!!!! We have not forced writing or reading on him because of the push back we get when we do it. I also have read alot about this resistance and never worried - nor pushed it knowing he has his own timeline for things in general so why not writing. I also know that kids like my little guy will sometimes do for teachers what they won't for mom and dad. BUT this is not the case right now. Truely a mind of his own. I love this part of him but this doesn't always fly in a mainstream academic situation. So we are in for a few rough months until he gains confidence in his letter writing....mind you he already knows all of his letters and their sounds....just not how to write them in the WAY the teachers would like him to know how to write them. And this is a personal affront to him. Which makes sense to me. I sure don't like to be told that my way, which is perfectly good isn't good enough by someone elses standards. Do any of us?
I say flashpoint of the moment because this is his way. He will resist and finally gain some confidence and then the moment will pass (in a few months) and it will be as if he never had a problem with the writing. But in the back of my mind I always ask - is this as it should be? In the meantime, I am hoping this resistance doesn't place a mark on him for the remainder of the year.

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